Wheel Straightening

bent alloy

Wheel Straightening:

If you are experiencing vibration or shaking from your steering wheel, or excessive tyre wear it is likely that you have fallen victim to the ‘pothole plague’ or your wheel has become bent in some way. Out of shape wheels will not only destroy your tyres but the vibrations can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension components of your vehicle.

Using our hydraulically assisted wheel straightening equipment we can straighten the vast majority of buckles and out of shape wheels. Our methods include heat, hydraulic rams and precise measurement gauges.

Alloy Wheel Repairs

At Wheel Fix we offer a complete alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service using our unique 10 stage process to make your wheels as good as new. Book an appointment with us today to get your alloys looking as good as new.

Wheel Welding

Cracked alloy wheels are increasingly becoming a problem. Although all wheels can sustain cracks from the shock of driving over pot holes, up curbs and speed bumps, larger size alloys which require tyres to have lower-profile sidewalls are more susceptible to cracks or hairline fractures.

If needed we are able to repair the damaged area. We can weld both sides of the alloy wheel which will then be passed to a lathe operative in order for the welded area to be machined back to create a seamless finish.