Step 1:

Remove the wheels from the vehicle. Tyres marked for position and rotation of the tyres 

tyre removal

Step 2: 

Remove the tyres from the wheel,  plus all balancing weights and valves. Tyres are visually inspected for wear and damage, marked with the customers reference number.

Step 3:

Wheels are placed in chemical stripping tanks to remove all paint, lacquer and any accumulated deposits.

removing paint and deposits from alloy wheel
Audi R8 Alloy Wheel chemically stripped of all paint

Step 4:

Once the wheels have been stripped of all paint and previous coating, they are then inspected for any damages such as buckles cracks and curb damage.

Step 5:

If any structural repairs are required they are now carried out. Rim Straightening for buckles and bends, also alloy welding for cracks and deep surface damage.

Step 6:

The wheels are now shot blasted in preparation for powder coating got lightly etch the surface of the rim.

Step 7: 

Once the wheels have been fully repaired they are pre-heated in the oven powder coated in primer undercoat.

Powder Coating primer on alloy wheel by wheel fix

Step 8:

The Wheels Are placed in the oven again for Heating, We will now spray the colour onto the wheels either in powder or wet paint dependent on the customers requirements.

Step 9:

If Required at this stage we will diamond cut the wheels on our alloy wheel lathe.

Powder Lacquer on alloy wheel

Step 10:

Powder lacquer known for its durability is applied to the whole of the wheel, to protect the wheel from road salt, brake dust etc. For a final time the wheel is cured in the oven.

Step 11:

Time for Tyre to be matched to the wheel and refitted with a new rubber valve and balanced, ready to be fitted back on the vehicle.

Step 12:

Our Final stage is quality control each wheel is carefully inspected tyre pressures adjusted and ready for the customer to collect.

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